Parmé Design is a successful Garden Design Consultancy based in Cheshire.

Parmé Design has been designing, building and planting beautiful gardens in Cheshire, the Wirral, North Wales, Dorset, Sussex and Hampshire,  for over 15 years.

We are experienced at working on design-led house builds and full renovations, liasing with architects, builders and engineers to bring ideas to fruition and ensuring the garden more than does justice to the house.

Our gardens are well-structured with an understated elegance – clean simple lines, uncluttered and calm, yet still places to be enjoyed, cherished and admired by all.

Passionate about good, lasting design, I always aim to use the best quality landscaping products and ensure beautiful planting is an intrinsic part of the design process.

I believe the true test of any garden is not just how it looks in the Summer when borders are brimming with colour, but also how it looks through the long cold months of Winter and always consider the importance of structure. I specialise and delight in rejuvenating tired borders and creating beautiful Planting Plans.

So whether you love laid back luxury or contemporary elegance, need family function or ease of maintenance, Parmé Design will strive to create you a garden to be proud of.

Our Design Services are:

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Garden Design

Parmé Design offers a friendly, professional garden design service tailored to suit your needs and budget. Using design expertise and horticultural knowledge we can realise the full potential of your garden –


Parmé Design offers a ‘design only’ service but to give you peace of mind and ensure that the project remains within budget and on time we can help you select your contractor and/or Project Manage the Build on your behalf.

Planting Plans

Even the most contemporary gardens need to be softened with beautiful planting. Parmé Design prides itself on its planting schemes. Lush, beautiful planting is a signature note of our gardens.

Garden Styling

Sometimes a full Garden Design is not needed but more of a style rejuvenation. Quite often, there is simply a need to review what already exists and get some advice on the best way to improve it further.

In the Garden this month

Late August & September – Time to tidy up and plan for Spring!

Traditionally August is meant to be one of the hottest months of the year, but not 2017! And September is really saying goodbye to summer and hello Autumn, a good time to review the garden.

  • Should we actually have some hot weather it is a good idea to plan ahead with watering the garden – the garden itself will probably survive with a big soaking before you leave, but pots, containers and hanging baskets may need some neighbourly help. Also maybe give it all a last feed for the season and staking anything that might suffer in a late summer storm.
  • Bulb catalogues are out in force with wonderfully glossy pictures of mouthwatering combinations. Bulbs are wonderful value for money as you can have flowers from January right through to late May – snowdrops, crocus, daffodils, camassias, fritillarias, tulips and alliums to name a few. You can never have too many bulbs. But remember the best colours and combinations go quite quickly. Be organised! But don’t plant too early – Tulips for example like a nice cold soil so from late October to late November is fine. Too warm and they can get diseases like Tulip Fire (twisted curly leaves and flowers).
  • Now is the time to prune back WISTERIA & LAVENDER – all those long wispy tendrils on Wisteria need to come off  – this will control the size and growth but also improve the flowering display. Cut back this year’s growth to five or six leaves. With Lavender cut back all the brown flower heads and about a further 2cm into the new growth to make bushy mounds, being careful not to cut into old wood.
  • Some summer perennials may be starting to look a bit tired so cut back all the old flowerheads and foliage, lift and divide any plants that have flopped in the middle and are now too big (eg sedum) and stake any late summer perennials that might need it as the winds start to pick up (eg asters, heleniums, dahlias).
  • LAWNS: As we move into September, raise the mower blades and reduce the cutting. Start thinking about applying AUTUMN LAWN FEED and what needs improving in the Lawn department. Autumn is an ideal time – also good time for laying or seeding new lawns as the soil is nice and warm for a good start to the root system before Winter sets in.
  • Net PONDS if you have one before any proper leaf fall sets in.