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Sloping New-Build Garden & Kitchen Garden



Project 7 Sloping new-build garden & Kitchen

A classic new- build garden presented us with this project – a sloping lawn on three sides of the house, steep enough not to be able to do much with except at the flattest part immediately outside the back doors and all boundaries very visible, shortening the view. Being on a corner the garden was also quite overlooked.

A very keen plants woman, the Client was really keen to introduce as much planting as possible, including a grow-your-own area, whilst trying to keep it manageable with working and family life  - and a dog!

The tiny patio was extended in a beautiful limestone, steps were added to cope with the slope and the bottom of the garden was raised some 18 inches to make the worst point of the slope disappear. Fruit and blossom trees were added round the border which in 5 years will break up the view without creating too much shadow.

A big feature of the garden was the garage end wall – this was made integral to the design with a seating area and climbing roses as it was a warm and sunny place to sit in the evening.

Already blooming, in a couple of years the garden will have completely lost it’s new build feel. And the kitchen garden area once an unloved walkway has now become one of the client’s favourite spots!


Sloping New Build Garden


Kelsall, Chester



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