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Country Terrace & Kitchen Garden

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Project 6 Country Terrace & Kitchen Garden

Previously re-furbished by a developer this Barn Conversion had a patio that was not much to shout about and certainly did not match up to the interior of the house. The Clients were keen that the wide open views be retained and that ample space for dining and a relaxed seating area were included. The design did this and also included an outdoor fireplace and ‘letterbox’ water feature into a clear pond. At the side of the house was an unused lawn and this was put to better use as a Kitchen Garden.

An iroko deck and bespoke matching cupboards for storage were constructed and provide a nice contrast in material to the paving and brick. The deck is slightly raised creating a separate feel and is a lovely place to sit to drink in the view and relax with friends and family long into the night.


Country Terrace & Kitchen Garden


Barrow, Cheshire


2014 - 2015

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