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Country Courtyard


Project 5 Mews Cottage Courtyard Garden

This garden was shortlisted for the Northern Design Awards 2015


Previously a concreted area for washing the previous owner’s cars, the new owner of this lovely Conservation Area Mews cottage wanted a garden that had seating, lots of planting to attract butterflies and bees and a water feature for the birds that was also a stand alone piece. A natural sandstone wall and archway were also commissioned which were hand dressed and each piece carefully hand selected. Privacy from neighbouring houses was also part of the brief.

The design was based on a series of 3 circles – 1 for the seating area, 1 for the water feature and 1 for a buxus edged circle round a standard white rose (Margaret Merrill). The garden is North facing so the seating area was designed to catch as much of the light and sun as possible.


Standard portugese laurels provide height and privacy and the garage wall now has rambling roses scrambling up its old walls. As does a beautiful wisteria on the house. The water feature has been a particular success providing a focal point all year round and creating endless interest watching the birds swoop in for a drink!


Country Courtyard


Thornton Le Moors


2014 - 2015

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