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Small low-maintenance garden


Project 4 Low Maintenance Town Garden

This garden was shortlisted for the Northern Design Awards 2016


This garden was designed for a busy young couple with a fixed budget, who had completely refurbished their house and now wanted a similar contemporary, easy to look after, green space to match the quality of the interior.

At the end of the garden was an old garage on a concrete base which had to stay for cost reasons. They were also very overlooked at the end. But this was the sunniest part. The design conversely made the most of this area and it became their favourite part!

The garden had three separate seating areas – and in-out deck immediately outside the kitchen, an entertaining patio with seating and a BBQ at the end of the garden and a relaxed gravelled seating area to catch the last of the sun – these catered  for the sun being in different parts of the garden at different times and also to make the most of the clients’ different requirements whether it was during the working week or at the weekend.

We hid the shed and the bins separately behind co-ordinating horizontal trellis which is repeated throughout the garden. The fence was repaired and painted black to both hide imperfections and to make the borders ‘disappear. Climbers did the rest!


Small low-maintenance garden


Sale, Cheshire


2015 - 2016

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