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Medium low-maintenance garden



Project 3 Medium-sized Low Maintenance Garden

This garden was a real transformation in both how the garden looked and how the clients now use it. Before it was unloved and not a welcoming space to be in. Now, with its veranda, new seating area on a yellow Belau deck and large diagonal patio, the garden can be used so much more and it has made the garden feel much bigger and more spacious.

Not gardeners by their own admission, the clients were very keen for it to be low maintenance, so bay trees and box hedging were used for year round structure with some easy care perennials and hardy agapanthus for summer colour and alliums for spring colour.

The design treatments for hiding the garage on one side of the house and the washing line on the other, were a particular success as they are both completely hidden and now is not the main view from the seating area.

The dark grey trellis, simple black containers and splash of orange (Charlotte’s Lock F&B) give the whole garden a contemporary feel.


Medium low-maintenance garden


Mickle Trafford, Chester


2015 - 2016

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