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Rear Entertaining Garden



Project 10 Rear Entertaining Garden

Following some major work on the house the clients wanted to improve their garden to the same standard. A too small patio did not connect with an important and much used part of the garden – the hot tub! We re-designed the patio to be more in proportion to the house added a deck area for relaxed seating and space for the barbecue and created an obvious flow into the hot tub area. The hot tub surround was made much more practical for wet feet by installing high quality artificial turf. This made moving from tub to deck much more enjoyable!

Rendered raised bed defined the three different spaces and kept the look contemporary. Planting softened the look and bulbs everywhere ensured the interest was almost year round with topiary adding the permanent structure. The Clients now use it more than ever and can’t remember how they managed before!

We were also engaged to improve a rather sad looking north facing garden with overhanging trees. A simple design of box cubes, half standard bay trees and artificial turf quickly transformed it. Now even though it is such a difficult site it is a permanently green space with year round structure. The Clients were delighted with how little maintenance is now required!


Rear Entertaining Garden


Hoole, Chester



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