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Parmé Design is a successful Garden Design Consultancy based in Cheshire.

Consultation. Inspiration. Implementation.

​The design process can sometimes seem daunting or appear complicated so we break it down as much as possible into SIX clear phases;

  • Consultation Phase

  • Survey Phase

  • Concept & Design Phase (incl.3D and Animated Fly Throughs as optional)

  • Pre-Construction & Pre-Planting Phase

  • Build Phase

  • Planting Phase

Consultation Phase

Initial Visit, Preparation & Follow-Up Brief

  1. Initial consultation with client on site, to discuss client’s vision, design & style ideas, wants, needs, realistic budget and timescale.

  2. Identify potential constraints, restrictions or planning requirements for the project to succeed.

  3. This meeting will be followed up with an email that will include a Design Fee Proposal and a written Outline Design Brief for your approval.

Survey Phase

Survey Phase

  1. Once commissioned a survey is required to understand fully the space we are designing for. All but the smallest or most straightforward sites will require a full Topographical Survey of the existing site including but not limited to: levels, significant trees, buildings, structures and utilities. (Fixed Fee)

  2. Separate to the above the Designer will also require visits to make a photographic record, understand aspect, light & shade, prevailing winds, soil, key views to and from the house, noise levels, boundary treatments, any constraints and to spend time getting a feel for the site’s atmosphere to start the creative process.

Concept & Design Phase

1023cc-cmc-rev1_5 - photo.png

Concept & Design Phase

  1. This stage is principally to show the client the Designer’s vision and which direction they are taking the design, the layout and use of space as well as an indication of materials, style, features and bespoke items, furniture, containers and lighting ideas to give the Client a feel for how the garden will look. This may include sketched illustrations, 3D renderings (shown left), and mood boards or anything that visually gets the Designer’s vision across.

  2. Re-visit project timescales.

  3. Re-visit initial budgets to manage expectations for both Designer & Client.

  4. Once the Concept Ideas have been approved (following any amendments) a Final Design is produced

  5. Planting Plans will also be supplied and are charged separately. They follow a similar pattern to the Design in that Concept Visuals will be provided first to the Client to give them an idea of the Designer’s vision for the Planting. A Final Planting Plan & Planting List will follow

Pre-Construction Phase & Pre-Planting

Pre – Construction Phase and Pre- Planting

  1. This phase involves everything that is required to bring the Project to its start date (fixed fee supplied in the Follow Up Proposal & Brief)

  2. Basic Construction Drawings will be produced detailing finished heights, levels, sizes, measurements and any items to be aware of: drains, cables (above and below ground), pipes etc Bespoke Items may require more detailed drawings.

  3. A Specification Document will also be provided for the Contractor to build to, with each item required for the build, specified in detail. Costings for the full build can then take place.

  4. Liaison with Contractor (s) and any Suppliers on the Client’s behalf is also a key part of the Process to ensure the Project gets off to a good start.

  5. Similar work is required to bring the Planting to start date. (A Fixed Fee for the Pre-Planting Phase will be supplied in the Follow Up Proposal & Brief of the options available). Work includes – sourcing, procuring, ordering, organising delivery, unloading, laying out, installation. The importance of good Ground Preparation cannot be underestimated and we would manage this if commissioned to provide the Planting.

Build Phase & Project Monitoring

Build Phase.jpg

Build Phase & Project Monitoring

  1. From our experience Garden Builds run more smoothly and to the exact design when the Designer remains involved in a monitoring capacity throughout the build and certainly in the early stages of marking out, levels and foundation level construction.

  2. So we can provide a Project Monitoring service which will involve site visits at key stages, when the constructor requires the designer to be there or indeed the client and to monitor progress, ensuring design is being followed etc. An initial schedule of visits would be estimated and a time –based fee structure supplied with a Project Monitoring agreement between Designer & Client.

Planting Phase

Planting Phase.jpg

Planting Phase

  1. Parmé Design will always prefer to provide a full Design & Build service for all Soft Landscaping works as it is such an intrinsic part of the success of the finished garden. We suggest allowing a third of your budget for planting.

  2. Following the Pre-Planting Phase above we would always recommend that we carry out the installation. Ground preparation is also fundamental to the success of plant success, and therefore also like to prepare all planting beds if we are executing the installation. We would also recommend installing irrigation to protect your investment. The importance of sufficient and regular watering cannot be emphasised enough – without it plants will not establish properly and it can lead to a high instance of plant and particularly tree failures.

Other Services


Other services:

  1. Lighting Plans – always recommended so the garden can be enjoyed and viewed for the maximum amount of time.

  2. Liaison with other trades – civil engineers, architects, bespoke suppliers etc. Fees are time based

  3. Horticultural Maintenance – this service is a particular passion of ours to help develop and maintain larger gardens to look their best on a medium to long term basis. We see it as design-led ‘Head Gardener’ role (as opposed to solely mowing, hedge cutting, weeding etc).

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